Y punto

Y punto is something you tack on to the end of an utterance to indicate that you’re done talking about the subject or that you’ve just stated final decision on the matter.

  • Si no cumple con el contrato, se va y punto. If he doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain, he’s out of here, no second chances.
  • Lo del sábado fue un acostón. Y punto. About Saturday, what happened between us was a one-time thing. It will never happen again. Got it? (I’m not going to change my mind.)
  • Nos vamos a ir a Mérido y punto. We’re moving to Merida. End of discussion. (television dialogue)
  • No debiste decir nada y punto. You shouldn’t have said anything. Period! We’re not going to talk about it anymore. It’s not up for discussion.

As the English gloss of the final example above should remind you, punto means period, the kind used in punctuation. While we’re on the subject, the period at the end of sentence is called a punto y seguido; at the end of a paragraph, a punto y aparte. And at the end of a letter, a punto final. Maybe these terms are useful when dictating; otherwise I can’t see the point of their existence.

¡Y se acabó!

Y se acabó is used in the same way as y punto, to aggresively indicate that the discussion is over. Once in a blue moon you’ll hear the long version: Y san se acabó! or ¡Y sanseacabó!

Y ya

The expression y ya can also reflect an impatience on the part of the speaker, that they want the discussion to be considered over, and/or it can expresse the idea that nothing else can or should be done in the situation. Consider these examples:

  • Si le quiere decir la verdad, se lo va a decir y ya. Déjale en paz. If she wants to tell him the truth, that’s what she’ll do. There’s nothing you can do about it. Leave it alone. Your hands are tied.
  • Ya mándale unas putas flores y ya, wey. Just send her some damn flowers and be done with it. That’s all you need to do. Stop considering the options. Get it over with. (movie dialogue)
  • ¿Es nada más para presentar la obra y ya? So all we’re going to do is do the show? We don’t have to do anything else?