Ten Spanish words that begin with ga

Here are ten useful Spanish words that start with ga. How many of these did you learn in your Spanish class?

Bathroom sign, Mexico

Bathroom sign, Mexico


The adjective gacho refers to a person who is selfish, unfair or simply bad in some way. No seas gacho. Don’t be a jerk.


Un gafete is an ID badge, the kind you clip to your shirt at a conference or swipe for access to a building.


A gajo is section of a citrus fruit. This word is most commonly heard in the expression te voy a partir la mandarina en gajos, meaning: I’ve going to beat the fuck out of you.


The word galán means Boyfriend, male romantic partner. Tu galán = your guy.


A gancho is a clothes hanger or a hook. An enganche is a downpayment. I suppose the idea is that you’re ‘hooked’ to make the rest of the payment.


Gandalla is an informal word meaning ‘bad person’. Unos gandallas, some lowlife scum. No seas gandalla. Don’t be an asshole.


A gargajo is a spitwad, goober, phlegm. I remember this line from the movie Y tú mamá, también: Pinche nacazo, no mames, con el gargajote que te aventaste, cabrón..


Garnacha(s) refers to greasy fried food, such as street tacos, quesadillas, etc. Come pura garnacha. He only eats street food.


A garrafón is a large plastic jug for purified water. Typically 20 liters. It sits atop a despachador de agua, water cooler.


Here’s an idiom with gato, cat: Me voy a dar una manita de gato = freshen up, reapply make-up, make myself look good. The word gata can be used offensively to describe a woman as low class, poorly dressed, like a maid. A gato is an insulting term for an errand boy or assistant. No soy tu gato = I’m not your slave.