Werevertumorro: ya estoy grande

Recently we looked at age expressions in a video from Mexican YouTube star Werevutumorro. Now let’s look a short conversation in the same video that comments humorously on the complicated relationship between Mexican mothers and their adult sons who still live at home.

Adult son ¡Mamá! ¡Mamá! A ver, no me interrumpas. Ya estoy grande. Yo le voy a decir a la gente lo que yo quiera. Ya estoy grande.
Mother Ah, si estás grande, ya vas a poder colaborar con la renta de aquí de la casa.
Adult son Ay, bueno, mamá, o sea—
Mother ¡Mínimo!
Adult son — No estoy tan … o sea, estoy mediano. Tampoco estoy tan grande.
Mother Ay … no estás tan grande.
Adult son No, estoy … estoy mediano. Soy tu bebé todavía. Este—
Mother Estás chiquito.
Adult son Estoy chiquito.
Mother Para mí siempre vas a estar chiquito.
Adult son Ay, ya sé.

This reminds me of a scene from the first episode of the series María de Todos los Ángeles. The adult son Albertano moves back home with his mother. He declares that he’s an independent man now, but hastens to add that naturally she’ll still be doing his laundry and ironing, serving him breakfast in bed and lighting the hot-water boiler for him. Both of them seem to like the arrangement.