Verme la cara

Verle la cara a alguien is a common expression that means take someone for a fool. Let’s look at some examples.

  • No me veas la cara. Don’t take me for an innocent person who doesn’t know what’s really going on. I wasn’t born yesterday.
  • Lo que me molesta es que me hayas querido ver la cara. What bugs me is that you tried to take advantage of me (of my supposed naivety).
  • ¿Qué te hizo? — Me quiso ver la cara. He tried to pull one over on me, pull the wool over my eyes. (television dialogue)
  • Me vieron la cara. They hustled me. I got played. I got scammed. They said they were valet parking and took my car. (movie dialogue)
  • Ese tipo de plano te vio la cara. That guy definitely took you for a ride (took advantage of you).
  • Si me estás tratando de ver la cara, no me voy a dejar. If you’re trying to trick me, I won’t let that happen.
Rent-a-bike station, Mexico City

Rent-a-bike station, Mexico City

It is common to specify the kind of fool in question. For example:

  • Me vieron la cara de gringo. They sized me up as a dumb gringo, quoting me a higher price than what the locals pay.
  • ¿Por qué me viste la cara de menso / de estúpido / de pendejo / de imbécil? Why did you treat me like an idiot (who can easily be taken advantage of)?
  • ¿De qué me ves la cara? What kind of an idiot do you take me for?

This expression was featured widely in an ad campaign for one of the major language school chains: Que no te vean la cara de … ¿What? Don’t let them take advantage of you for not understanding English.