Should you teach English in Mexico?

Are you considering moving to Mexico but wondering how to pay for your lifestyle? Have you considered teaching English? Would that be a good idea? The short answer is: probably not.

Handbags, Liverpool department store, Mexico

Handbags, Liverpool department store, Mexico

Consider these points:

  1. English teaching in Mexico is not well paid. This is especially true in language schools, where you’ll be making just enough money to live poorly.
  2. In larger cities, employers may send you around town to give classes in companies. This means spending much of your day on public transportation. That gets old fast.
  3. Classes are usually held early morning, before the workday begins, or in the evening, after work. This split schedule will wear you down.
  4. You will encounter students who are unmotivated and unwilling to put in the work outside of class to take their English to the next level.
  5. Building up a roster of private students takes time and perseverance. These students will unfortunately cancel on you due to last-minute demands on their time at work or home.
  6. Working as an English teacher is a poor way to improve your Spanish language skills, since your daily worklife will be spent using English.

If you’re an experienced teacher with overseas experience and a masters in Teaching English as a Second Language, this advice doesn’t apply to you. Otherwise, I recommend alternatives such as working as a professional in your area, working online, or saving up at home and living off your savings once you get here.