Rollo is an informal word meaning personal problem. Here are some examples.

  • No te metas en tantos rollos. Stay out of trouble. Avoid conflicts.
  • A mí no me metas en tus rollos. Keep me out of it. This is your issue.
  • Y ya después le conté un rollo acerca de mi ex novio. And then I told him about a big problem I had with my ex.

Es muy tu rollo

You can often use it where words like problema, bronca or pedo would also fit.

  • Si andas con ella es muy tu rollo. It’s your business if you go out with her. Don’t come crying to me afterwards. I think it’s a bad idea but Here you could also have said es muy tu problema, es muy tu bronca or (profanely) es muy tu pedo.

Sin malos rollos

Sometimes baggage is a good translation. Sin malos rollos. Without a lot of personal/emotional baggage.

Todo el rollo

A general expression for the crap or bullshit that someone says. Y no sé qué tanto rollo. And god knows what other bullshit he said as well. ¿Vas a empezar tú también con este rollo You’re gonna start ragging on me about that as well? (complaining)


Rollo may refer to a situation or environment. Estoy interesado en este rollo. I’m interested in getting into this business (becoming a professional boxer).

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