A quinto is apparently an infinitesimally small amount of money. Here are some examples:

  • No tenemos ni un quinto. We’re stone broke. (movie dialogue)
  • No te pienso dar ni un quinto. I’m not going to give you a red cent.

This last one sounds like fighting words, but look for opportunities to put such expressions to humorous uses, for example, when a friend asks if he can borrow a peso because the cashier has no change.

In addition to no tiene ni un quinto, there’s the more colorful no tiene ni en dónde caerse muerto. He’s so broke he can’t even afford a place in which to drop dead. A broke loser is a pobretón


Quinto is also slang term for virgin.

  • Ya no es quinto. She’s no longer a virgin.
  • No hay quinto malo. There’s no such thing as a bad sex with a virgin. (a saying)

De quinta

The preposition phrase de quinta turns something already bad into something even worse. Una zorra de quinta would be a slut of the worst kind, not a garden-variety slut. Ese barrio de quinta, the rotten neighborhood (television dialogue).