The verb platicar, commonly heard in Mexico, falls somewhere between discuss and chat in terms of formality.

  • Bueno, tenemos mucho de qué platicar, ¿no?. We have a lot to talk/chat about. Hablar is also possible here, of course.
  • ¿Ya pensaste lo que platicamos? Have you thought about what we discussed.
  • Platícame, ¿cómo te va? Tell me, how are things going?
  • Platícame de tu hermana. Tell me about your sister. What’s her story? What’s going on with her?
  • Me han platicado. So I’ve been told. So I’ve heard. A rejoinder, for example, to hearing some gossip you already knew.

As you can see, you can use platicar with or without a direct object, or with a preposition phrase headed by de.


The noun plática is often a good translation for conversation.

  • Estuvo muy buena la plática. We had a great chat.
  • Un tema de plática. A conversation topic.
  • Las pláticas prematrimoniales. Pre-marital counseling.


Chatear exists but it is usually for instant messaging.

  • Chateamos anoche. We chatted (online) last night.

Send a text message is mensajear, which is not as formal as it sounds. Textear, from the English verb text, is not yet accepted.

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