Pendejo has two basic meanings in Mexican Spanish. Let’s take a look at some examples.

  1. Asshole/jerk. Someone who treats you badly.
    • ¡Pendejo!, shouted at a driver who cuts you off.
    • Qué pendejo eres. What a heartless motherfucker you are.
  2. Sucker/fool/incompetent/loser. Someone who is easily fooled, gullible.
    • Ya no será tu pendeja. I won’t let you trick me anymore.
    • Y yo, todavía de pendejo. And me, still not catching on.
    • Pero la culpa la tengo yo por pendeja. But it’s my fault for being so naive, innocent.
    • ¿Estás pendejo o qué? Your suggestion is really stupid.


A pendejada is the kind of thing an idiot would say or do. As such, it is a stronger version of tontería.

  • No digas pendejadas. Stop talking about your pipe dreams.
  • No vuelvas a hacer pendejadas. Don’t do anything stupid again. Don’t fuck things up again.

No te hagas pendejo

No te hagas pendejo is a stronger version of no te hagas wey, meaning: Don’t try to pull one over on me.

No me pendejees

The verb pendejear can mean either call someone a pendejo or goof off.

  • A mí no me pendejees. Don’t call me ‘pendejo’.
  • Deja de estar pendejeando y ponte a trabajar. Stop goofing off and get to work.