No me pelas

Dictionaries will tell you that the verb pelar means peel (fruit). Fair enough, but you’re more likely to hear its informal meaning: notice someone’s existence.

  • Nadie me pela. Soy invisible para la gente.
  • Ni la pelas. You ignore her. You don’t give her the time of day, even though she worships you. It’s like she doesn’t exist for you.
  • Mi novio no me pela. Poor me. My boyfriend hasn’t responded to my message.

Less frequently, I’ve heard no me fumas with the same meaning.

Mara Escalante as Doña Lucha in María de todos los ángeles.

Me la pelas

Pelarsela is an obscene expression whose literal translation would be masturbate. As if often the case, the unidentified la refers to verga, penis. In the examples below, the idea is masturbate me/us, an insult. The simple present is used here with the force of a command.

  • Tú a mí me la pelas, wey. You can go fuck yourself. Bite me! Suck my dick. More literally, you can jerk me off. (movie dialogue)
  • ¡Nos la pelan! They can go fuck themselves. More literally, they can jack us off.
  • Me la pelas, naco. Me la pelas. (movie dialogue)


A pelado is a naco.

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  1. I have been watching La Querida Del Centauro in Spanish and they use the slang versions of pelar constantly. This is very helpful. Thanks!!

    MRA: Good to know! I haven’t seen that telenovela. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

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