O sea

O sea is one of those ubiquitous expressions that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without.

Clarify or Draw a Conclusion

Use o sea before clarifying something just said or drawing a conclusion based on it. Here are some examples, with possible translations of o sea underlined:

  • O sea, ¿todo eso viene incluido? So if I understand right, everything you just mentioned is included in the package?
  • Y cuando quieras consejitos del doctor corazón, o sea, yo, … And when you want tips from the Love Doctor, that is to say, me, …
  • Y cabe mencionar que era medio día. O sea 5 horas nada más. I should add that it was a half-time job. Just 5 hours (so the pay was good, in case you missed my point).
  • O sea, ¿todavía estás en Toluca? O sea, otra vez vas a llegar tarde. So you’re still in Toluca? So (you’re saying) you’ll be late again.