The verb manosear means grope or fondle — the kind of unwanted physical attention you might receive on public transportation. It makes sense that the root word of manosear is mano, since groping is done with the hand. In Mexico City, separate female-only buses and subway cars are available for women who want to avoid manoseadas, gropes.

Informally, the nouns llegue and arrimón cover similar territory.

  • Me dieron unos llegues en el metro. A pervert bumped up against me in the metro.
  • No me arrimes el camarón, novio. Don’t put your dick up against me when we’re snuggling, boyfriend. Here, camarón, shrimp, is an albur for penis.

More neutrally you might talk of una caricia, a caress or stroke. The associated verb is acariciar. Sobar works for rub. A handjob would be una jalada, from jalársela, jerk off, masturbate.

Manotear means gesture wildly while speaking, often out of anger.