Hablar is one the first verbs you learn in Spanish class. However, some notes are in order. Like platicar, hablar can be used transitively, intransitively or with a preposition phrase complement.

  • Necesito hablar contigo. I need to talk to you.
  • Necesito hablarte. I need to talk to you.
  • No hables estupideces. Stop saying stupid things.
  • Hablar de otro asunto. Talk about something else.

Hablando de

Here are some ways to use hablando de:

  • To change the subject: Hablando de otro cosa, …
  • To tie to the next subject to the last one: Hablando de tu hermano = speaking of your brother.
  • Upon seeing someone you were just talking about: Hablando del rey de Roma.
  • Talking to oneself = Hablando solo.


Be prepared to hear hablar used in the context of phone calls. Le hablé pero no contestó. I called him but he didn’t answer. Me habló al celular. He called my cell. This usage is quite common.

Te hablan

Te habla(n) = Someone wants to talk to you. Either they’re here in person to see you, or they are waiting on the phone. I’ve also heard te buscan. Someone’s here to see you. In reply, you can say ¡Voy! to indicate that you’re on your way.

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