De siempre

The word usual exists in Spanish but is not as common as its counterpart in English. The best plan is probably to avoid it altogether. The most common way to get this idea across is with the expression de siempre.

  • The place we usually go to. El lugar de siempre.
  • In our usual cafe. En el café de siempre.
  • — What’ll it be today? — The usual. — ¿Qué le doy, joven? — Lo de siempre.
  • The usual donut, the one I always order. La dona de siempre.

Para variar

Para variar is a good way to express for a change.

  • Para variar, comimos afuera. For a change of pace, we decided to eat out.

Note that para variar can also be used sarcastically. Todo fue un invento suyo, para variar. It was all just something she made up, as usual. (like she’s always doing)


Like usual, the word usualmente exists but is not as common as its English counterpart. Normalmente is a reasonable alternative.

  • Normalmente salgo a las ocho. I usually get off work around eight.