De que es bonito

Here’s a neat formula that I’ve heard in speech but have never seen described in a textbook.

Begin with de que, add a clausal complement and then repeat that complement. This formula is used to concede a point while immediately reducing or dismissing its relevance.

  • De que está cerca, está cerca. I admit it’s nearby, but even so, we don’t have time to go there.
  • De que es pendejo, es pendejo. Oh, I don’t deny he’s an asshole, but there are worse things.
  • De que es puto, es puto. Sure, he’s a fag, but who cares? It’s no skin off my back.
  • De que me divorcio, me divorcio. That I’m getting divorced is not in doubt. But we’re still in the process of working out the details. It hasn’t been finalized yet.
  • De que es bonito, es bonito. Yeah, it’s an attractive location, as you say. However, it has some disadvantages (which I’m about to mention).
Bicycle sale, Mexico City

Bicycle sale, Mexico City

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