Cruz cruz

When mentioning the name of someone upon whom you wish harm, you can interject a ¬°Cruz cruz!, damn him, curse him! The reference here is to a cross or crucifix, perhaps as used for warding off evil. This usage is meant to be humorous rather than religious. For extra effect, you can form a mini-cross with your index fingers.

Crossing yourself

Upon entering a church, it is traditional for Catholics to make the sign of the cross. Here’s how it is done:

  1. With your right hand, touch the middle of your thumb to the middle of your index fingers, making a mini-cross.
  2. While maintaining the contact between your thumb and index finger, briefly touch your thumb to your forehead.
  3. Then touch your thumb to the center of your chest, then to the left shoulder, then to the right one.
  4. Finally, touch your thumb to your lips and kiss it.

The whole thing takes just a moment.

I’ve heard this crossing action called persinar, although the accepted word is persignar, with a g.

What’s curious is that some people cross themselves when passing by any church, whether on foot or in a car or bus. They already know where the churches on their route are, so they make the cross without even looking up. If you see a pedestrian suddenly cross himself, look around. There’s a church, perhaps even a very small one, in the vecinity.

I recall seeing two guys on a bench who suddenly crossed themselves. One of them had probably just mentioned the name of a dead person. In this case, the act of crossing themselves is thought to ward off the spirits of the dead.