Here are some informal ways to say a lot of something in Spanish.

Un buen

The noun phrase un buen means a good-sized amount of something.

  • Un buen de chavas = Muchas chavas.
  • Ya me diste un buen. You’ve already given me a lot (of money, in this case).
  • Hace un buen que no voy a uno. The speaker was saying that he hadn’t been to an amusement park in a long time.

As you can see from these example, when the context is clear it is not necessary to specify what the buen is of.

Avocado sign, supermarket, Mexico City

Avocado sign, supermarket, Mexico City

Un chingo

Un chingo works just like un buen but is borderline obscene.

  • Te extraño un chingo. I miss you a (fucking) lot.
  • Un chingo de weyes = a fuckload of weyes

Un chorro

Un chorro is a watered-down version of un chingo. As such, it can be used in polite company with raising eyebrows.

  • Un chorro de chavos. A ton of young people.
  • Yo, en cambio, yo te quiero un chorro. I love you a whole lot (more than you love me).
  • Se tardaron un chorro. They took forever.

The literal idea of chorro is a stream or flow of something. For this reason, chorro also serves as an informal word for diarrhea.

  • ¿Tienes chorro? Do you have the runs / the shits?
  • ¿Sigues con chorrillo? Do you still have the runs?

For informal ways to say a bit of something, see cachito.