As you get more comfortable with the language — and as speakers get more comfortable with you — at some point you’ll run into an albur. An albur a pun, a play on words, generally of a sexual nature.

  • ¿Te gusta el chile? Do you like chile? Do you like cock? (chile = chili pepper = penis)
  • No es la misma ‘la papaya tapatía‘ que ‘tápate la papaya, tía’. Cover up your pussy, auntie! (papaya = a tropical fruit = vagina).

Your first task is simply to recognize when someone is albureando; later you can try it out yourself, if you are so inclined. Begin with albures you have already heard; then modify them or even invent new ones appropriate to the situation. Note that some women — to maintain appearances of propriety, perhaps — claim not to understand albures, especially ones of sexual nature. Proceed with caution and good sense.


Es muy alburero = He likes to alburear a lot.

Doble sentido

Es de doble sentido = It’s a double entendre. That expression has a secondary, racier meaning. While we’re on the subject, doble moral = hypocricy. Es de doble moral = it’s hypocritical.